My Warped Tour Tips and Pictures!

Yesterday I went to Warped Tour in Toronto - it's my second time experiencing Warped, so I thought I'd share some tips!

  1. Make sure you have internet on your phone, or turn on text-notifications from band members in case they tweet out when/where details of their set for the day and when they'll be doing meet and greets (some bands have scheduled meet and greets in which you'll need a wristband, and some don't)
  2.  If #1 fails get to that inflatable schedule across the main stage as quickly as possible so you don't miss a band you really want to see (they also give out paper schedules for $2)
  3. Get your priorities straight in case sets/meet and greets you want to be at overlap (skip-the-line passes are never worth it)
  4. Put on sunscreen anytime you can; even when it's cloudy! 
  5. Pushing is a must to get through the crowds around tents, in my opinion (if someone complains, ignore them)
  6. Bring snacks and a sealed water bottle - They'll let you bring these in as long as they're sealed, but try to stuff the snacks somewhere unnoticeable just in case the security guard checking your bag is strict. You only need one water bottle because there is free water refills and if you buy one, they won't give you the cap.
  7. Stay hydrated and keep snacking. You don't want to end up in the first aid tent!
  8. You don't need to be at the very front of the crowd! Being all the way at the back is just as fun, you're still able to see the band, and it has more air/less tight bodies!
  9. Be comfortable (including your shoes) - if you're worried about looking cute in your selfies with the band members you meet, don't be, they're all bad. 
  10. Watch Natasha's video "5 Life Rules for Fangirls"
  11. Watch Hank Green's video "13 Things to Know about Concerts
And now, some pictures!
Charles//We The Kings
Jordan//The Ready Set
Danny//We The Kings
John//The Summer Set