Buffer Festival 2014 Scrapbook!

Since I put up a vlog on my channel (day 1) (day 2) I thought I would share some pictures of me and my friends at the second annual Buffer Festival in Toronto!
I will also leave some from the first annual after this year's!

Day 1

At ShayCarl's show!

Meeting Shay!

At the Red Carpet Event

My lovely sister and I waiting for the red carpet to begin! It was her 21st birthday on Oct 18th!

before the red carpet: I had to change because it got really cold! (My IKT sweater is seriously warm!)

Corey Vidal (founder of ApprenticeA) on the red carpet

Jack Howard

Jack or Finn?? Riding a penny board down the red carpet!

Rhett and Link! Love them!

Olan Rogers

Me -- Rahcel my sister -- Nicole my best friend

Mitchell Davis!

Carlie Butler
Day 2

Selfie session before day 2 begins!

Group shot!

another group shot before Charles Trippy's show!

At Charles' show -- just a great and honest guy.

Waiting to meet Charles; the volunteer taking photos for us wanted to make sure she knew how to use Carlin's camera!

Meeting Charles -- my 3rd or 4th time?
Most anticipated show of the weekend. For anyone wondering, they didn't show footage from the movie, but if it is in the movie, it'll be cut differently.

Corey and Shay talking about how long the process has been and how things keep happening, so they can't be done yet!

Apprentice A talking about interviewing people and fun times touring

Buffer Fest 2013 pictures

I went to the first annual Buffer last year; a lot of improvements were made, but I got some pictures with people that I didn't get a chance with last year, here's some of those pictures!