The Mortal Instruments TV Show?!

Most of you probably know by now: yesterday The Hollywood Reporter put out on article finally updating us Cassandra Clare fans on what is next for The Mortal Instruments. Here are some of my thoughts and information you may want to know.
Tasha Polis did a video on her booktube channel that you should definitely go watch. She's a co-runner of Page to Premier and is quite knowledgeable on how it may go down.
What we know for sure:
  • Ed Decter has been hired as the showrunner and main writer. You may know him as a writer for The Santa Clause movies, as well as The Lizzie McGuire Movie. He's also co-produced and written a few Boy Meets World episodes. His recent works include TV shows Unforgettable, Helix, and The Client List. Not sure how I feel about this, as I'm sure most of you are. I don't really want this to turn too Disney. 
  • Cassandra Clare has said a lot about it on her Twitter. Mind you, she doesn't know everything. She's the author of the novels, not a producer. However, she let us know that Constantin Films owns the rights to all things shadow-hunter. This means that every visible adaptation of her shadow-hunter novels will be in the hands of Constantin. They are not required in any way to consult her, but she did have somewhat of a voice for the City of Bones film, so as a fan I hope they will consult her again.
  • They plan on beginning production next year. In Tasha's video, she mentioned we probably won't start seeing any casting until after Christmas. Until then, we get to fan-cast away!
And that's all we know for now. But since there is a green light on a pilot being filmed, we don't have to wait too long for more news.

All the questions:
  • Will it be re-cast? No one has any idea! The people who do have this information haven't said anything about it yet. What I know, is that Lily and Jamie both signed contracts if the movies were to keep going, but I'm not sure that this applies to TV adaptions. We know that Lily Collins worked pretty hard to play Clary in the movies, so I wonder if she'll want to be apart of the TV show. Or if, like Tasha mentions in her video, she won't want to be part of it at all since the movie flopped.
    I loved the cast, but I'd be okay with a fresh one. (Although I really did think Robert Sheehan was the perfect cast for Simon.)
  • Where will the TV shows begin? We don't know this either! My guess is that if they keep the same cast, they'll skip to City of Ashes. But if they change it, they'll definitely start from scratch. My best guess is the latter. I'd love to see them start from scratch and build the world rather than thrusting us into it like the movie. 
  • What network will the show be on? Some say they want the CW to pick it up. Not that I don't mind the CW, but I hate the way The Vampire Diaries has progressed despite the great cast. As well, Julie Plec is a huge writer for the CW and i'm not a fan of her. I'm sorry if you like her, but I really don't.
    I'd actually love to see the BBC pick it up. I love a lot of BBC shows and know they're not too afraid to do anything. However, the BBC is pretty family friendly and I'm not sure that we would get everything we want.
    MTV and AMC are also networks I'd be okay with seeing TMI on. I want to see the gore of the demon killing and MTV and AMC are networks that will give us that. 
Something I think is really important is that the City of Bones cast and Cassandra Clare don't know anymore than we do. As fans, we get very excited about news like this and it can cloud our judgment. Some of the movie cast might even be upset that they won't be a part of the TV show and won't want to answer questions about it. So don't bombard them on Twitter and check what they have already answered before asking a question. 
Even Constantin Films and Martin Moszkowicz won't know everything and won't tell us anything informal. Most news will be released formally through sites such as The Hollywood Reporter. But you can follow Constantin and Martin on Twitter in case anything does come up. 
Other great sites to follow are Page to Premiere and TMI Source.

In the meantime, I plan on doing my own fancast and will either post it here on my blog, or on my booktube channel. (I'll also being doing a blogpost soon on The Darkest Minds movie!)

Let me know what you hope for the TV series in the comments! I'd love to hear from you!