TBR Midnight Musings

My life has been CRAY (as the kids say) lately, and I just sorta felt like writing a blog post about my bookish life.
I recently unhauled a crap-ton of books.  Some because I read them and don't care to own them anymore, some because I'm just not interested anymore. Let's just say I always hope books are the easiest to let go of when I'm "not interested" anymore. I can't imagine what would happen if I said the same about uni, or anything else in my life, for that matter. Anyways, most of these books that I unhauled are still currently sitting in a massive pile in my room, as if I haven't already decided I don't want them in my life anymore. Some of them I know I want to sell, like the 4 hardcover Selection books I tried so hard to get my hands on in the first place. I also have the first two books of The 5th Wave trilogy and the first two books in the Starbound trilogy all in hardcover, so I'd like some cash for those as well. My problem here is that where I live, good used bookstore are few and far between. None of them are worth selling books to because the store credit isn't worth it. It's kinda sad to say, and I wish it weren't true because indie books stores deserve more business and more credit for what they do.
Meanwhile, try as hard as I may, my TBR pile keeps on growing. I'm not sure how, exactly, it just keeps happening! My problem is that I work at a bookstore and employee discounts are dangerous. I tried to find a way around this the other day when I decided I wanted to impulsively read The Star-Touched Queen. Instead of buying the book I went onto my e-reader and downloaded a free chapter sampler. Well then it ended on a cliff hanger and before I could really figure out how interested I was in the story and it's characters, I went ahead and bought the whole e-book. I still finished it, and for now I'm glad I bought it in e-book form. But did I really need it? No. I'm just an impulsive reader, and I always have been.
Which is probably why I've found myself running after my Goodreads goal all year. As I become an adult, my tastes are changing, but I'm also more educated, and not just because I'm an english major, but because of life experiences. And speaking of english major (do I say it enough? don't worry, my eyes are rolling on your behalf) I have so. many. books to read. I decided it'd be fun to take a fantasy course, and so, the other day I got the list of books I need. THE ENTIRE LORD OF THE RINGS TRILOGY was on the list. But Emily, you're a nerd, you've already read them! Well, I'm sorry you've been deceived, because I have to admit that I am a fake nerd. I haven't read the books, nor seen the movies.
So anyways. Books, amiright?

*this post was typed frantically after an 8-hour work day and was not edited or revised, please excuse any typos.