Books I Need to Read Before 2017

Aside from to-be-released titles, like Language of Thorns and Warcross, I've still got a ton of titles I want to read before the year is over. And let's be honest, there's not much time left and I have over 15 books to go on my Goodreads goal. There are STILL so many great releases coming before the end of the year, but this is a list of books I've pulled from my ever-growing TBR that I want to get to before the year ends. *flash forward to January when I complain about the books I didn't get to in 2017*

The Wrath and the Dawn [goodreads]
After loving Roshani Chokshi's companion duology of The Star-Touched Queen and Crown of Wishes I'm dying for something similar. I'm not sure how similar Renee Ahdieh's duology is, but I've heard nothing but good things. I went ahead and ordered the duology off of bookoutlet (which has a reward/loyalty program now!!) so now I just hope they don't sit around unread for too long.
All I really know about this is that it's a re-telling of A Thousand and One Nights. My friend Aislyn at loved this, too.

The Coldest Girl in Coldtown [goodreads]
The only Holly Black books I've read are The Spiderwick Chronicles and the novellas she's helped with for the Shadowhunter Chronicles. This book is an older one, and I love the premise but I've just never gotten around to reading it. She's got a new book coming out in January called The Cruel Prince that I know almost nothing about except that it's faerie related - and I've got an ACOWAR sized hole in my reading heart.
What I know of The Coldest Girl in Coldtown is that it takes place in a world where monsters and such are quarantined into 'Coldtowns.' Something happens at a party, and the main character has to go into a Coldtown. Chaos ensues, I assume.

The Shadow Hour + The Savage Dawn [goodreads]
I recently read The Girl at Midnight and absolutely loved it! It was exactly the kind of book I'd recommend to anyone looking for a teen urban fantasy read. It's got magic, romance, character development, even political schemes. The ending of the first book made me super intrigued as to what will happen next to the main character, but also to the world she's in. And I'd really like to finish reading the trilogy before the end of the year.

Fish in a Tree [goodreads]
This is something I'd really like to get to when I'm back at school. It's a middle grade so it's shorter and I'll be able to devour it a little bit quicker. I love middle grade books because they're so genuine but they're also easy to follow since I'm 20 years old. I recommend this book to grade teachers a lot when they're looking for a new read aloud book for their class.
The title is based off that quote you've probably seen around the internet about the grading system in school and how we shouldn't grade a fish on their ability to climb a tree. It's about a young girl who's struggling not just to fit in, but also to do well in school. One of her teachers helps her out, and cuteness ensues, I assume.

The Rest of Us Just Live Here [goodreads]
Patrick Ness has a new book coming out quite soon (though it's already out in the UK), and I've only ever read A Monster Calls. I literally own most of his books and I've only read one. He's one of those authors you follow on twitter and you know so much about and you buy their books but you've never read them.
The title explains it all, but this is book follows the 'others' as chaos ensues in a book. The non-main characters of the world. Which I think every reader can relate, too. We're always reading about these huge worlds and the stories of the main characters; the people right in the thick of it. But it's never actually us in it.

Well obviously there are so many other books I want to read before the end of the year, these are just a few I'm trying to make a priority. "Few" I say, though it's 5 out of like, 5000. I start school super soon, but I'm drafting reviews of some ARCs I've been able to read in order to put them up on the book's release date for y'all! So lookout for it!