Review: Live to Tell by Lisa Harrington (White Pine Read #3)

My third read of White Pine is Live to Tell by Lisa Harrington.
This is by far the most conflicted I've ever felt about a book, but I'll explain that in a second. First, what's the book about?
Live to Tell starts with a girl named Libby waking up in the hospital. She can't remember why she is there and finds out it's because she got into a car accident... that was her fault. The night of the accident she went to a party, got drunk, met a guy named Cal, and she can't remember any of it. Throughout the book she tries to remember all of the details because if she doesn't, well, she could be charged and arrested.
The character annoyed me quite a bit. Throughout the whole book her best friend, Kasey, is trying to convince Libby that Cal is being weird, while Libby refuses to agree. It's annoying because you know Kasey is right the whole time and you wanna grab Libby and shake (or slap) some sense into her. 
This book makes me feel really conflicted because by the end, there's a plot twist and your entire opinion changes. 
I gave this book 3 stars out of 5 because I hated it until the end. So it was good enough to keep reading, but not good enough to keep me from throwing it across the room. 
Upside to this book? The author is Canadian and therefore, Tim Hortons shows up a lot. And I love me some Tim's.
- Emily