Review: Old Man by David A. Poulsen (White Pine Read #4)

Four White Pine books down! Most recently, Old Man by David A. Poulsen.
Old Man is about a boy named Nate, and his father. The catch about his dad is that he's in his sixties and he left Nate and his mom when Nate was five with a nineteen year-old dental hygienist. In the summer after Nate finishes grade 10, his old man calls unexpectedly wanting to take him somewhere. Obviously this hinders Nate's outlook on his summer a great deal, but he goes anyway.  
I'm giving this 3.5 stars out of 5. I really loved the story, but I also loved the execution and the writing of it, but my problem was a few dragging scenes.
I can easily look past this and recommend this book. I think it would be great for someone who loves learning about history, because the Vietnam War plays a huge role is this novel even though it takes place in present day. 
I expected the ending, but I still cried. And if a book can make me cry, I feel that it's my responsibility to recommend it. As mentioned earlier, if you enjoy historical things this would be a great read. But also if you like a good, coming of age/contemporary/young adult novel. 
The narrator was also a relief to read. It's hard to find a young adult novel with a teenage boy as the narrator and I think it's a good difference to look at, because as a girl I can't really relate to him but there are still characteristics there that make me think 'yeah, that happens.'
Can you name the last book you read with a male narrator?
- Emily