Review: Warm Bodies by Issac Marion

I recently just finished reading Warm Bodies by Issac Marion. While this is only the second apocalyptic book I've really read, I'm aware that it's different from others. It didn't completely live up to my expectations, but I still really enjoyed this book and rated it 4 out of 5 stars on Goodreads!
I actually saw this movie before discovering that it was a book, and I enjoyed the movie, but I hoped that the book would execute the idea better and I am happy to report that it did!
The book takes place in our zombie, R's point of view. It's interesting to see from the start that he's not your normal zombie. The beginning of the book - like all novel beginnings should be - starts out with R going about his daily routine. But there is something very interesting about this zombie world; there are two different 'types' of zombies. There is the regular zombies we all know (and sometimes love - depends on the book), and then Boneys, which seem to be a weird evolved zombie species whose bodies consist of just a skeleton. The Boneys seem to be running the whole show; they've created their own church and seem to have a good functioning society.
Of course, R's normal routine changes after he goes out to eat with some fellow zombies and catches a glimpse in Perry Kelvin's life - the guy who he is currently eating the brains of. Perry's (now widowed) girlfriend, Julie, is something that R gets a glimpse of, and now he feels the need to protect her.
The need to protect Julie seems to trigger something in the already different zombie. The biggest plot point of the story is that R is starting to change. For spoilers reasons I'm going to say I don't know how he's changing but I totally do and so to find out you're going to have to read the book.
I think the most interesting thing about this (that was completely different from the movie and for that I'm sad cause it's the best part) is watching R and Perry interact. Marion has done the coolest thing ever getting them to be able to interact and this whole thing ends up being really important in resolving the story.
Like I said, this book seems to be a lot more than just zombies - towards the end Julie has a really good idea of how the plague even started and I'd call it the central theme of this book. (I'm not going not going to tell you cause spoilers.)
Overall I'd totally recommend this book to anyone. I think you'd especially like this if you like contemporary books because it has a fluffy side, just with more of an edge. To be honest, I think anyone could really enjoy this book, so check it out!
- Emily
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