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As many other teenage girls that have dove deep into YouTube and all it's stars; I follow Zoe Sugg. My story of how I came about watching her is much different, though; I followed her blog first, I was part of her first 1000 subscribers.
So I've been following her for a while, and as a book lover, I was very excited when she announced that she was "writing a book". I immediately added to my "to-buy" book list, and had been anticipating the day it was set to release. But so far, I've yet to purchase the book.
You could blame my ever-growing list, but the recent scandal has been a bit of a put off, and I still haven't decided if I actually want to read it or not.
Zoe Sugg is not the first YouTuber to write a book. People like Grace Helbig, and Hannah Hart have also released books. Elle and Blair Fowler released two novels, like Zoe will be with her two-book deal. Elle and Blair obviously used a ghostwriter, they wouldn't know much about writing a novel, just like Zoe.
So why does the Zoe Sugg "scandal" bother me more?
Probably because Zoe was so excited about it. Whenever I watched her vlogs leading up to the release, she'd talk about how she'd always write stories and how excited she was to have the chance to be an author and write her own book. The offense voice in my head says that I was lied to, that of course Zoella used a ghostwriter and gave them almost no credit because she's selfish or something. And that when you have that big of a following, obviously people are going to be disappointed so she needs to man up and stop throwing around the phrase "I WROTE A BOOK!"
However, I think the defense voice in my head is winning a bit, and here's what it says:
Zoe Sugg is a twenty four year old girl with a massive following and a small dream to publish a novel. She's never studied novel writing and never written anything except her blog posts and video descriptions. However, she's got a novel idea and has probably written a couple excerpts and no time to write it, but Simon and Schuster wanted to make money off of her, so they provided a ghostwriter to get it all down properly. When it's phrased like, that, I feel less bothered. Plus, I've checked, and Zoe Sugg does own the copyright.
Let's not get into the fact that Alfie Deyes didn't need a ghostwriter for his pointless book, but used one anyways.
I congratulate these YouTubers on writing books that aren't about themselves, but I would appreciate it much more if they took the time to personally work on something they're putting their name on.

And if you're having weird feelings about it, and not sure how to feel about the ghostwriter, please check out this blog post that she wrote (and that makes me definitely want to check the novel out despite the lack of name on the cover). 

What do you think about YouTubers using ghostwriters to write their novels? Will you still buy Zoe's book since this has been announced? Let's discuss!


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