Friday, January 24, 2014

Review: Unravel Me by Tahereh Mafi

Before you get too into this review please read Shatter Me and Destroy Me, the first book and novella in this series. You can watch my review of Shatter Me by clicking here. Without further ado, here's my review of Unravel Me by Tahereh Mafi! (haha that rhymes)
So at the end of Shatter Me we discover that theres this little underground colony called Omega Point and within Omega Point there is a huge population of people with abilities just like our leading lady, Juliette.  Unravel Me begins with Juliette, Adam, James, and Kenji adjusting to their new underground life. Actually, scratch that Kenji already knows what's happening at Omega Point, I'll get to that later. There's also this dude named Castle that we met in Shatter Me. He's the "leader" of Omega Point.
I can't really go into detail without spoilers so let's keep going...

Kenji is invisible?! Does Adam have power?! Yes, and... yes! Adam's power is keeping him and Juliette apart. He suppresses other's powers. And can we talk about the scene where Juliette finds Adam being tested on? I have to say that it was a little over dramatic, but we have to remember Juliette's situation; what I took from it was they were shocking Adam, and if you remember, Juliette was forced through electric shock treatment. And combined with her love for Adam, you get crazy Juliette almost knocking down the entire underground establishment.
Can we talk about Kenji lecturing some sense into Juliette? My. Favourite. Scene.
Kenji and I are married now. Cause he's great. And bad-ass. (and because I love a good cocky-character-with-a-sad-past)
Kenji is great and I loved hearing about his relationship with Castle through Castle himself. When we first met Castle all I could think was holy crap this guy must be sketchy, and he kinda is cause remember when he gets mad he started moving everything? But after hearing about his relationship with Kenji and his willingness towards helping everyone he can I decided he's a good guy. (so don't eff it up Ms. Mafi! please?)
Warner. Warner Warner Warner. In my video review of Shatter Me, I mention that Warner really creeps me out. But Destroy Me and Unravel Me have really changed that. Warner's just a broken guy with a sick mother.
[wait what? I didn't talk about what?... okay]  Anderson is Warner's crazy father. No, like he' seriously crazy. So Juliette finds him and shoots both his legs and almost kills him until Kenji stops her and bam. Anderson is Adam's father. He's also Warner's father. They're half brothers. They can both touch Juliette. Stuff is getting cray.
Oh yeah, and they kidnap Warner and bring him to Omega Point as leverage but it doesn't really work cause his father doesn't actually care about him.
UPDATE: holla at me cause this was my short and sweet review of Destroy Me on Goodreads and: I'm fighting the urge to pick up the next book up right now. 
I'm really hoping Warner will somehow get into the underground compound and like, team up with Juliette and Adam, but I'm also kinda doubting it. But wouldn't it be the perfect way to escape his father? (yeah that probably why it won't happen)
The only thing that missing is if Warner cares so much about Juliette then why was he such a douche? Why was he being so forceful and rude? GAHH this series is ruining my life!

Yeah I predicted Warner was gonna end up at Omega Point with them (kinda) anyways...
When we find out that Warner can absorb powers I flipped. It kinda reminded me of Twilight where Renessmee's power is like a hybrid of both Edward and Bella's powers cause Warner's power is the exact opposite of Adam's. So if you were wondering if they were actually brothers or not, they definitely are.
The ending. Holy crap the ending. They kidnap Juliette and Anderson does some shit to her and that's when I decided Warner wasn't so bad and now I don't know if I want her to end up with Warner or Adam.
I'm pretty interested to read Fracture Me because I'd really like to know more about Adam. I guess we kind of already know a few things, but it seems so small compared to the complexity that is Warner.
I rated this book 4 out of 5 stars (here's all my status updates on Goodreads). Mostly because I still can't stand Juliette. I'm hoping her little revelation at the end of this book carries into the next (Ignite Me) because I don't know if I can take her complaining anymore.
Despite this, I'm very excited to see where this goes in the next book, and I'll be trying to get my hands on it as close to the release date as possible!
x Emily

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Required Reading & The Stone Angel by Margret Laurence

I'm always very weary about required reading. I have a really hard time picking up a book when it's "required." You could call me a required reading rebel; RRR? (that's sounds pretty cool actually- No? okay...)
Thinking back on all the books I've read in school, I've actually quite enjoyed them (To Kill a Mockingbird excluded) but that's only thinking back to the book. This is the first time I've really documented and thought if I really enjoyed the book or not and although I only rated it two out of five stars on Goodreads, I've found while analyzing it in class that I actually kinda like it.
I really love looking into the theme of a book (something that has acquired over time), and I couldn't tell you if this comes from all the books I've read in English since I could read or if I just take an interest to it. But I think most people know all the aspects to a book subconsciously and that's why they love reading. Things like Character and Narrative Development, and seeing characters different thoughts and ideas and interactions, and seeing beautiful imagery and connections and themes. That's what reading is really about; that's why writers write. Whenever someone tells me that English class is useless this is my debate for them. Literature is so so important and all these different aspects to a book are why writers... write. You don't just need a great plot, you need a great theme and substance.
And so, as much as I hate required reading and have come to not really enjoy classics because of it, I love how much work classic writers have put into their novels and I've come to appreciate it in my last year of high school.
SO! STONE ANGEL! As I said, I didn't exactly enjoy this book. Reading it was a job - it was work. I procrastinated reading it so much that I ended up with three days left of my Christmas break without having started it. And so with the book being 300 pages, I had to force myself to read 100 pages a day left on my break. Which I wouldn't recommend, it sucks. Needless to say, I hated it. I hated having to take my last days of winter break and read this book that I didn't care about. I'd heard it was boring and it was just about some lady's life and had no plot. I'm pretty sure I hardly paid attention in the first few chapters.
But then I kept reading and I really felt sorry for the main character, Hagar. This book is Hagar at 90 years old, doing a re-telling of her life. She's going through a lot of things at 90 years old; you can tell that she has Alzheimer's disease, and something else on top of that - which we are never told. In the meantime, her least favourite son and his not-so-cultured wife are living in her house and have to take care of her. It's amazing to be in her mind and see the world in a 90 year old's perspective.
I'm also saying this after discussing it in detail in my English class.
Many people say that they hate required reading, and I would still say the same thing. I don't like it. But, I think it has changed my outlook on books, but especially classics. I'm going to be honest and say that I used to be a classic snob - or a non-classic snob. I'm still not about that classic life, but I appreciate it much more.
x Emily