Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Review: Let's Get Lost by Adi Alsaid

Title: Let's Get Lost

Author: Adi Alsaid (debut)

Genre: Contemporary, Young-Adult

POV: Third-Person, Past

Average Rating: 3.79 Stars

My Rating: 3.5/4 Stars

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(I bought my signed copy at Target for 40% off! Great deal!)

Let's Get Lost follows a girl named Leila on her road trip to see the Northern Lights. The story is told through the point-of-view of four other teens she meets along the way: Hudson is a part-time mechanic looking to attended a prestigious college; Bree has been hitch-hiking wherever people will take her for months; Elliot loves his best friend; and Sonia fell in love while trying to grieve. Leila... well you have to read the book to find out.

While this novel is in third person, each section featuring a new stranger only focuses on the mind of the stranger. It isn't until the last that we finally see what's going on in Leila's mind.
This book takes the "show don't tell" rules of writing very seriously. When you first meet someone, you don't know everything about them right away; the author slowly reveals little things about the character's lives whether that be through conversation, gestures, etc. It's very interesting to see how each character does or doesn't live and the way people interact with them.
I found the pacing pretty moderate; not too fast, not too slow. I personally prefer faster-paced books, but I think moderate was just what I needed in this book to really enjoy it. I was able to take my time and didn't find my self constantly wanting to know what happens next, which we all need sometimes.
I was surprised to find romance in many parts of this novel. I can't say too much about it without spoiling you, but it plays a key role in a couple of the character's stories. However, self-discovery remains the strongest theme.
Leila was a fun, refreshing character. She brought life to every page she was present in, and it was great to read a character that doesn't take herself too seriously. The other characters felt a bit heavy, so Leila was a great way to even-out the tension. Let's Get Lost is really about how she affects the lives of the other characters and she had the perfect personality to do so.
A few clichés within this book really put me off. Clichés are the reason I don't pick up contemporaries often; they bring me out of the story and I hate forcing myself back in.

This contemporary novel takes place mostly in the United States, which normally I don't have a problem with when I'm given directions (ie, east, west, north, south). But in this case, I literally had no clue what the difference between Tacoma and Louisiana was - they could be cities, they could be states, I really didn't know. All I really knew was that Leila was going north. I wish we could've been given a map that showed us the path Leila took through the country and up through Canada because I really didn't know where I was. I like to know where I am when it comes to road trip books.

I really appreciated the real-ness of the characters. Each had their own struggles that you could either empathize or sympathize over. It also reminds you of the struggles we all go through, and you never know who could be going through tough times; it's important to be kind to everyone you come across, as Leila was, to remind them that good things are always on their way.
This novel is one I will definitely read again when I need a good "pick-me-up" because it's the perfect book to remind you of good things. Plus, it's a great adventure (even if you don't really know where she is, like me). Also, I really enjoyed the Doctor Who reference, it made me laugh.
This novel is full of unique characters and fun circumstances. I'd especially recommend to hardcore contemporary lovers; I promise you'll love it if you fit this description.
After this book, I was very satisfied and ready to jump into another book; perfect if you've found yourself in a reading slump!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

4 Upcoming Releases I Can't Wait For!

*sings in tune of Fancy* First things first I'm impatient.

I literally can't wait for anything, so it's not surprising that I can't wait for the following books to come out...

Expected Release Date: September 16th, 2014
This book makes me super excited! The really cool thing about it, is that the whole thing is written in second person. 
if you're not sure what exactly that is, here is a poorly written example:
You walk into a poorly lit room, a man in dark clothing stands behind the desk in the center. 
Blackbird is about a girl who wakes up on a set of train-tracks with no memory except that she is being chased down. 
And that is all that is really revealed in the synopsis. This almost seems like We Were Liars in that you know next to nothing going into the story, and I love that!

Expected Release Date: September 16th October 28th, 2014
Oh, man, am I angry about this push back. As far as I know, there is no legitimate reason behind it. My guess is not enough production time. 
I can't talk about this book a lot because it is the last of The Darkest Minds trilogy. I also can't say much about it because I have yet to read past the first paragraph of the synopsis; I want to go into this with as little spoilers as possible, and sometimes the synopsis can give away too much! So here's my Darkest Minds review.
One thing I for sure know is how excited I am for this book!

Expected Release Date: November 11th, 2014
It is no secret how much I love Cassandra Clare; all of her upcoming releases should be on this list. However, The Bane Chronicles is the closest release to today. 
The Bane Chronicles is a bind up of the ten short stories that were released for e-readers. Each follows Magnus Bane, the high warlock of Brooklyn, and his adventures through the years. 
I'm very excited to read these to discover more of the "downworld" side of the world Clare has created. There are many aspects of this world that haven't been revealed and characters that haven't been explored, and I'm excited to see Magnus's adventures unfold!

Expected Release Date: March 31st, 2015
After reading Open Road Summer, I'm positive that I have to get my hands on Emery Lord's second novel.
Goodreads claims that this novel is a lot like Lord's first novel with themes of friendship, love, and second chances. Along with authentic high-school dynamic; which I will keep in mind when this eventually comes out and I go to review it!
The main character, Paige Hancock, went through the loss of her boyfriend a year ago. Now, she's trying to get her life back in order with a plan to start fresh. Throw in a Quiz Bowl and a few boys, and this sounds like a great read!