Saturday, October 25, 2014

#BeCritical Discussion

Usually making a video would happen before a blog post ever does, but as a writer (at least I sort of consider myself one), I get my thoughts out better through writing rather than speaking aloud.

A wonderful booktuber (I'm not being sarcastic), Barry Pierce, brings up really great discussions on things we should be thinking about. Recently, it's the idea being critical towards the books we review. (The hashtag #BeCritical on Twitter is great to look through!) I love it when people bring up really important topics like this, because as @StokedRaspberry (on twitter) mentioned, "it's what makes our community grow."

I love that this, specifically, was brought up because it made me think of how I see negative reviews. ( In this video I take about I how much I hate them... but now I can say that I used to hate them because I didn't like people saying negative things about books I really liked and agreeing with them. In the end, I was bitter that people didn't like my favourite books as much as I did. Now I realize that this is not the right attitude to have because everyone is entitled to their own opinion whether negative or positive. 

As well, #BeCritical has made me think of my own ratings on Goodreads and how true to my enjoyment of the books the ratings are. If you look back at some of my reviews now, and find that my Goodreads rating doesn't match up, that's why. I went through all of my "read" books on Goodreads and made sure that I felt confident about it's rating. 

In the end, I read for pleasure. I don't consider myself a professional reviewer, (although if I'm interested in a book a publisher may want to send me, I will accept it in exchange for an honest review) and so I don't really have to look at any of the books I read, critically. However, I think it's important that if I am willing to put my opinion of a novel out into the world that I look at it critically and completely honest. 

For the most part, I try not to take myself too seriously, thus the many tags I have fun doing on my channel; but I want to make sure my subscribers/followers can trust that what I say about a book is exactly how I feel. Now you can expect equally negative and positive things on the books I read because I never love every single thing about a book.

How to you feel about the #BeCritical movement? Do you just not care? Has it changed your outlook as it has mine? Let's discuss!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Buffer Festival 2014 Scrapbook!

Since I put up a vlog on my channel (day 1) (day 2) I thought I would share some pictures of me and my friends at the second annual Buffer Festival in Toronto!
I will also leave some from the first annual after this year's!

Day 1

At ShayCarl's show!

Meeting Shay!

At the Red Carpet Event

My lovely sister and I waiting for the red carpet to begin! It was her 21st birthday on Oct 18th!

before the red carpet: I had to change because it got really cold! (My IKT sweater is seriously warm!)

Corey Vidal (founder of ApprenticeA) on the red carpet

Jack Howard

Jack or Finn?? Riding a penny board down the red carpet!

Rhett and Link! Love them!

Olan Rogers

Me -- Rahcel my sister -- Nicole my best friend

Mitchell Davis!

Carlie Butler
Day 2

Selfie session before day 2 begins!

Group shot!

another group shot before Charles Trippy's show!

At Charles' show -- just a great and honest guy.

Waiting to meet Charles; the volunteer taking photos for us wanted to make sure she knew how to use Carlin's camera!

Meeting Charles -- my 3rd or 4th time?
Most anticipated show of the weekend. For anyone wondering, they didn't show footage from the movie, but if it is in the movie, it'll be cut differently.

Corey and Shay talking about how long the process has been and how things keep happening, so they can't be done yet!

Apprentice A talking about interviewing people and fun times touring

Buffer Fest 2013 pictures

I went to the first annual Buffer last year; a lot of improvements were made, but I got some pictures with people that I didn't get a chance with last year, here's some of those pictures!

Monday, October 13, 2014

The Mortal Instruments TV Show?!

Most of you probably know by now: yesterday The Hollywood Reporter put out on article finally updating us Cassandra Clare fans on what is next for The Mortal Instruments. Here are some of my thoughts and information you may want to know.
Tasha Polis did a video on her booktube channel that you should definitely go watch. She's a co-runner of Page to Premier and is quite knowledgeable on how it may go down.
What we know for sure:
  • Ed Decter has been hired as the showrunner and main writer. You may know him as a writer for The Santa Clause movies, as well as The Lizzie McGuire Movie. He's also co-produced and written a few Boy Meets World episodes. His recent works include TV shows Unforgettable, Helix, and The Client List. Not sure how I feel about this, as I'm sure most of you are. I don't really want this to turn too Disney. 
  • Cassandra Clare has said a lot about it on her Twitter. Mind you, she doesn't know everything. She's the author of the novels, not a producer. However, she let us know that Constantin Films owns the rights to all things shadow-hunter. This means that every visible adaptation of her shadow-hunter novels will be in the hands of Constantin. They are not required in any way to consult her, but she did have somewhat of a voice for the City of Bones film, so as a fan I hope they will consult her again.
  • They plan on beginning production next year. In Tasha's video, she mentioned we probably won't start seeing any casting until after Christmas. Until then, we get to fan-cast away!
And that's all we know for now. But since there is a green light on a pilot being filmed, we don't have to wait too long for more news.

All the questions:
  • Will it be re-cast? No one has any idea! The people who do have this information haven't said anything about it yet. What I know, is that Lily and Jamie both signed contracts if the movies were to keep going, but I'm not sure that this applies to TV adaptions. We know that Lily Collins worked pretty hard to play Clary in the movies, so I wonder if she'll want to be apart of the TV show. Or if, like Tasha mentions in her video, she won't want to be part of it at all since the movie flopped.
    I loved the cast, but I'd be okay with a fresh one. (Although I really did think Robert Sheehan was the perfect cast for Simon.)
  • Where will the TV shows begin? We don't know this either! My guess is that if they keep the same cast, they'll skip to City of Ashes. But if they change it, they'll definitely start from scratch. My best guess is the latter. I'd love to see them start from scratch and build the world rather than thrusting us into it like the movie. 
  • What network will the show be on? Some say they want the CW to pick it up. Not that I don't mind the CW, but I hate the way The Vampire Diaries has progressed despite the great cast. As well, Julie Plec is a huge writer for the CW and i'm not a fan of her. I'm sorry if you like her, but I really don't.
    I'd actually love to see the BBC pick it up. I love a lot of BBC shows and know they're not too afraid to do anything. However, the BBC is pretty family friendly and I'm not sure that we would get everything we want.
    MTV and AMC are also networks I'd be okay with seeing TMI on. I want to see the gore of the demon killing and MTV and AMC are networks that will give us that. 
Something I think is really important is that the City of Bones cast and Cassandra Clare don't know anymore than we do. As fans, we get very excited about news like this and it can cloud our judgment. Some of the movie cast might even be upset that they won't be a part of the TV show and won't want to answer questions about it. So don't bombard them on Twitter and check what they have already answered before asking a question. 
Even Constantin Films and Martin Moszkowicz won't know everything and won't tell us anything informal. Most news will be released formally through sites such as The Hollywood Reporter. But you can follow Constantin and Martin on Twitter in case anything does come up. 
Other great sites to follow are Page to Premiere and TMI Source.

In the meantime, I plan on doing my own fancast and will either post it here on my blog, or on my booktube channel. (I'll also being doing a blogpost soon on The Darkest Minds movie!)

Let me know what you hope for the TV series in the comments! I'd love to hear from you!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Review: Cinder by Marissa Meyer

Title: Cinder

Author: Marissa Meyer

Genre: Sci-Fi

POV: Third Person

Average Rating: 4.11

My Rating: 4


Book Depository | Barnes & Noble | Chapters/Indigo | Bookoutlet

Cinder follows a sixteen year-old cyborg girl named Cinder. She lives in plague-ridden New Beijing with her criticizing step-mother and step-sisters and works as a mechanic to help provide for them.
It's one day while sitting at her mechanic both, that Cinder's life begins to intertwine with Kai; prince of the Eastern Commonwealth. As she battles the force of her step mother, the deadly plague, and the weight of the Lunar-people on Earth, she tries to figure how to escape it all.

As a Dyspotian-lover, I loved reading about the world x-amount of years in the future.
In this future, Earth has been through 4 World Wars and it's people are served by androids and rely on "pods" for almost everything. As the countries of Earth are peaceful with each other, the threat of the Lunars weigh heavily on everyone. The Lunars reside on the moon, and have mind powers that terrify all of humanity.

My favourite part of this novel was how much Cinder grew as a character. She's definitely not my favourite in the world, and has many flaws, but she's definitely on the road of character development.
I can tell that a lot of thought went to each character and their stories. When you hear about the background of a character, it feels like it doesn't matter if they're "good" or "evil" because the means of how they got there feels justified.
I didn't find the pacing slow, but I wouldn't consider it fast, either. It was paced well enough to get to know each character while also staying intrigued by the plot.
My reasoning behind 4 stars instead of 5 has to do with the above things. While I loved the characters, I found that only a few were developed enough. While I liked the pacing, I found myself bored at times where there was description I didn't care about. It just didn't feel like quite enough to get a full 5 stars.
I love the idea of the Lunars. I add no idea they were even a thing going into this book and when it first came up I thought nothing of it... until they were brought up again and then I made the connection that the series is called The Lunar Chronicles. I'm SO excited to see what's next for the Lunars.

When I first heard of this book, I did not want to read it. "A re-telling of Cinderella where she's a cyborg. And instead of losing her shoe, she loses her leg," is what I had heard. Not even kidding. If that's what you think this book is about, it is so not true (she doesn't even lose her leg... spoilers?). There are so many more characteristics to this novel than it just being a re-telling and I'm so excited to see what the next books have in store. (I'm on Scarlet now, and really enjoying it. And I'm hearing Cress is the best in the series.)
I'd recommend this if you like sci-fi, dystopian, re-tellings, and romance. With this being a 4 (5ish?) book series, you'll want to jump on this train now!

Have you read Cinder? What'd you think of it?
If you haven't read it, do you plan to?

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Regarding NaNoWriMo 2014 and Updates

Hello all!
I haven't had the chance to really sit and talk to my wonderful viewers/readers about things in my life recently so here we go!


The main reason I wanted to chat was to let you all know that I will be participating in NaNoWriMo 2014! I participated last year, just a month before creating my blog and won!
For those who are not sure what NaNoWriMo is, it stands for National Novel Writing Month and takes place throughout November. The purpose is to kick start your novel and write your first draft in November by writing 50,000 words in just 30 days. The idea should be one you haven't done any writing for; just outlining.
I don't want to say too much about myself regarding NaNoWriMo, because I plan to make daily vlogs throughout the month of November on my YouTube channel and I don't want to spoil any video ideas.
I have yet to decide the title of my novel this year, but I do have a few bouncing around in my head. One of which is a title I have for another novel that's currently in the outlining stage, but may be better fit for this one... weird, right? What I will tell you is that my novel this year is a sci-fi and involves smart-ass teenagers in space. You'll know more publicly once the NaNo site is updated and I can create my novel on my profile. Last year's novel is there if you want to know more about it as well. I've started outlining now because I still have a lot of research to do before beginning my first draft. (the NASA site is about to become my best friend)
I love having lots of buddies to connect with on the NaNoWriMo site, so if you add me as a buddy, I'll definitely add you back!


If you follow me on my YouTube channel, you'll know that I've reached and am about to reach a few milestones. I hit 300 subscribers on YouTube which is so amazing! I can't believe 300 people are actually interested in what I have to say! Since then, every time I check my subscriber count, it's higher. So I must say it again; THANK YOU SO MUCH! 
I also mentioned in my Reader's Warehouse Tag (which is a wonderful tag created by cool people) that if I hit 400 subs before my 100th video (I'm at 77 right now, I believe), that I'll do a 'special' video I originally planned for my 100th. Since then, I've realized that my 100th video may come during my NaNo daily vlogs, so I'm not quite sure if I'll do it then since it'll take some serious editing. (Can you guess what it is?)
There's one more milestone coming up as well as 100 videos. I'm almost at a year on BookTube (as well as this blog)! I'm pretty excited! I've met some really awesome people because of BookTube and I'm pretty grateful for it right now as I go through mental health problems and try to pick up some pieces. 
I've also hit a reading milestone this year! I've read 50 books so far this year, which is definitely the most books I have ever read in one year! I originally set my Goodreads goal to 40 but when I realized it would be too easy, I raised it to 50. I don't plan on raising it any more, but I may read 65ish books by the end of the year. Yay!
As for a life milestone, November 20th will mark my 18th anniversary with life... eek!

Other Life Updates

This month is actually pretty busy for me. I mentioned in a video that I'm currently unemployed, so I need to get myself out and doing some serious job hunting. I also want to finish as much outlining as possible for my novel before November! As well, I won't have much time to read during November, so I'm trying to read as many books as possible this month and knock off some digits on my TBR pile
I was watching one of my first videos, 'My 2014 To-Be-Read', the other day and I mentioned in it that I'm not a fan of high fantasy and I like contemporary better. It made me think of how much my tastes have changed because then in my 'September Wrap-Up/October TBR' video I mention that if I want to read 3-dimensional characters, I'll pick up a fantasy rather than a contemporary. Sort of strong words; I want to mention that it was mostly a joke because I enjoy a lot of contemporaries and I don't mean to offend anyone. Anyways, I've realized that my tastes have changed quite drastically and I can't wait to show y'all my favourite books of the year at the end of 2014!
December is coming, and if you're in the same position as me, you'll be aware that this means it's almost time to start applying to post-secondary institutions. So excited about that. *insert sarcasm here* So I've also been researching schools. I graduated high school last year, but I thought it would be best to take a year of before venturing into university. I'm lucky to have a couple of options because there is a great uni just a bus ride from where I live. But I've always wanted to go away for uni, so it's a tough decision. going away to uni means an extra $6,000 out of my bank account. *sigh*
Moving on...
EXCITING EVENTS ARE HAPPENING! I DON'T KNOW WHY THAT'S ALL IN CAPS I'M JUST REALLY EXCITED! Ransom Riggs is doing a signing this Thanksgiving weekend in Toronto that I very much want to go to, however, I'll have to convince my dad to take me since my mom will be in NYC that weekend on a birthday trip with my aunt (lucky ladies). So I'm not quite sure if I'll be able to go. As well, Veronica Roth and Tahereh Mafi are doing a singing together, but the rules are very strict and limited to 200 wristbands. As well, it's on a Tuesday, so I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it out to Toronto that day.  (more info on these events)
An exciting event I'll definitely be attending however, is Buffer Festival 2014! I attended the first annual last year and had such a blast and I'm so excited to be going again. As well, if you go to the website and watch the 2013 recap video, you can spot me multiple times!

I'll be attending the CTFxC show, the ShayCarl show, the Vloggers and Vlogumentary show, as well as the Red Capet Event! 
If you see me at any of these events, don't be shy to come say hi! (hehe, that rhymes)

That's all from me for now! What have y'all been up to? Accomplishments? Bumps in the road? Share it in the comments!