Wednesday, December 17, 2014


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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Zoella Used a Ghostwriter?! | Discussion

As many other teenage girls that have dove deep into YouTube and all it's stars; I follow Zoe Sugg. My story of how I came about watching her is much different, though; I followed her blog first, I was part of her first 1000 subscribers.
So I've been following her for a while, and as a book lover, I was very excited when she announced that she was "writing a book". I immediately added to my "to-buy" book list, and had been anticipating the day it was set to release. But so far, I've yet to purchase the book.
You could blame my ever-growing list, but the recent scandal has been a bit of a put off, and I still haven't decided if I actually want to read it or not.
Zoe Sugg is not the first YouTuber to write a book. People like Grace Helbig, and Hannah Hart have also released books. Elle and Blair Fowler released two novels, like Zoe will be with her two-book deal. Elle and Blair obviously used a ghostwriter, they wouldn't know much about writing a novel, just like Zoe.
So why does the Zoe Sugg "scandal" bother me more?
Probably because Zoe was so excited about it. Whenever I watched her vlogs leading up to the release, she'd talk about how she'd always write stories and how excited she was to have the chance to be an author and write her own book. The offense voice in my head says that I was lied to, that of course Zoella used a ghostwriter and gave them almost no credit because she's selfish or something. And that when you have that big of a following, obviously people are going to be disappointed so she needs to man up and stop throwing around the phrase "I WROTE A BOOK!"
However, I think the defense voice in my head is winning a bit, and here's what it says:
Zoe Sugg is a twenty four year old girl with a massive following and a small dream to publish a novel. She's never studied novel writing and never written anything except her blog posts and video descriptions. However, she's got a novel idea and has probably written a couple excerpts and no time to write it, but Simon and Schuster wanted to make money off of her, so they provided a ghostwriter to get it all down properly. When it's phrased like, that, I feel less bothered. Plus, I've checked, and Zoe Sugg does own the copyright.
Let's not get into the fact that Alfie Deyes didn't need a ghostwriter for his pointless book, but used one anyways.
I congratulate these YouTubers on writing books that aren't about themselves, but I would appreciate it much more if they took the time to personally work on something they're putting their name on.

And if you're having weird feelings about it, and not sure how to feel about the ghostwriter, please check out this blog post that she wrote (and that makes me definitely want to check the novel out despite the lack of name on the cover). 

What do you think about YouTubers using ghostwriters to write their novels? Will you still buy Zoe's book since this has been announced? Let's discuss!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Review: Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

Title: Throne of Glass (Book #1 in it's series)

Author: Sarah J. Maas

Genre: Fantasy

POV: Third Person

Average Rating: 4.17/5 stars

My Rating: 4.75/5 stars


Book Depository | Barnes & Noble | Chapters/Indigo 

Throne of Glass follows 18 year-old Celaena Sardothien; Adarlan's Assassin. After being imprisoned in a coal mine in Endovier, she is retrieved by the Captain of the Guard, Chaol Westfall, and Prince Dorian of Adarlan to compete in the King's Assassin Competition.  In this competition, she must defeat twenty-three other criminals in order to serve as the King's Assassin for four years to earn freedom.
But something determined to kill lurks in the shadows of the castle, and Celaena must solve the mystery before she's the next one killed.
Along the way she makes friends of Prince Dorian, Chaol Westfall, and Princess Nehemia, and enemies of many others.

I loved Adarlan! Especially the Glass Castle. It had a really eerie vibe to it that really made you think about all the mysterious stuff going on. I think the setting really helped to move the plot forward sometimes and I had fun exploring it along with Celaena.

There are so many characteristics about this book that I really loved!
The character's themselves were wonderful and three-dimensional! Celaena reminded me a lot of myself; not the kicking butt part, but the sassy part. I felt myself really relating to her in a way I had no idea I would. Plus she decisions were realistic and not too angsty and practical! Oh man, I could just rave about Celaena all day. The rest of the characters were just as great and I love switching point of views to see who was up to what; something I usually hate!
I'd really like to know how Sarah J. Maas went about outlining and drafting this novel because it feels like she may have worked backwards. Everyone is a different aspect of the drama, kind of like a TV show, and it was so much fun to read. Despite Celaena being an assassin, you're really rooting for her.
I can't ignore the love triangle.*sighs* This is one of two reasons I knocked off a quarter of a star. I really can't stand love triangles, they feel so unnecessary. I felt like screaming at the book "CELAENA YOU'RE BETTER THAN THIS!" As well as Sarah J. Maas. A book isn't worth 5 stars with a love triangle that either 1. does nothing for the plot or 2. is the only thing driving the plot forward. However, I can sort of see where Celaena is coming from cause I wouldn't be able to choose either.
As for the second reason for knocking off a quarter star, the writing was not what I was expecting and a little hard to get into at first. Sarah J. Maas's voice is different from other novels I've read. I'm not sure how to describe it other than "whimsical" and more stream of consciousness? Not like Tahereh Maffi, though. I guess you'll have to read it to figure it out yourself. I feel like I'm the only one who noticed her unique voice, because I've never heard anyone touch on it before. If you know what I mean, comment and let me know!

I can't wait to read the sequel, but also the novellas to see Celaena's past! There's so many things about her that we're not quite sure of yet and I think the novellas will really help fill in the gaps.
As well, I can't wait to see where the story will go. I found that there wasn't too much of a cliff hanger so I'm not extremely eager to jump into the sequel, but I do have a few predictions that I'm curious to see be true. The most I'm hoping for is that the love triangle doesn't drag through the next books, cause I know I'll get tired of it pretty quickly.
In the end, I'll definitely be buying the hardcovers of this series to beautifully display on my shelves and re-read sometime.
If you feel conflicted about this series, I say try it out! maybe get it from the library or buy it on an e-reader first, but it's definitely worth a try!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

#BeCritical Discussion

Usually making a video would happen before a blog post ever does, but as a writer (at least I sort of consider myself one), I get my thoughts out better through writing rather than speaking aloud.

A wonderful booktuber (I'm not being sarcastic), Barry Pierce, brings up really great discussions on things we should be thinking about. Recently, it's the idea being critical towards the books we review. (The hashtag #BeCritical on Twitter is great to look through!) I love it when people bring up really important topics like this, because as @StokedRaspberry (on twitter) mentioned, "it's what makes our community grow."

I love that this, specifically, was brought up because it made me think of how I see negative reviews. ( In this video I take about I how much I hate them... but now I can say that I used to hate them because I didn't like people saying negative things about books I really liked and agreeing with them. In the end, I was bitter that people didn't like my favourite books as much as I did. Now I realize that this is not the right attitude to have because everyone is entitled to their own opinion whether negative or positive. 

As well, #BeCritical has made me think of my own ratings on Goodreads and how true to my enjoyment of the books the ratings are. If you look back at some of my reviews now, and find that my Goodreads rating doesn't match up, that's why. I went through all of my "read" books on Goodreads and made sure that I felt confident about it's rating. 

In the end, I read for pleasure. I don't consider myself a professional reviewer, (although if I'm interested in a book a publisher may want to send me, I will accept it in exchange for an honest review) and so I don't really have to look at any of the books I read, critically. However, I think it's important that if I am willing to put my opinion of a novel out into the world that I look at it critically and completely honest. 

For the most part, I try not to take myself too seriously, thus the many tags I have fun doing on my channel; but I want to make sure my subscribers/followers can trust that what I say about a book is exactly how I feel. Now you can expect equally negative and positive things on the books I read because I never love every single thing about a book.

How to you feel about the #BeCritical movement? Do you just not care? Has it changed your outlook as it has mine? Let's discuss!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Buffer Festival 2014 Scrapbook!

Since I put up a vlog on my channel (day 1) (day 2) I thought I would share some pictures of me and my friends at the second annual Buffer Festival in Toronto!
I will also leave some from the first annual after this year's!

Day 1

At ShayCarl's show!

Meeting Shay!

At the Red Carpet Event

My lovely sister and I waiting for the red carpet to begin! It was her 21st birthday on Oct 18th!

before the red carpet: I had to change because it got really cold! (My IKT sweater is seriously warm!)

Corey Vidal (founder of ApprenticeA) on the red carpet

Jack Howard

Jack or Finn?? Riding a penny board down the red carpet!

Rhett and Link! Love them!

Olan Rogers

Me -- Rahcel my sister -- Nicole my best friend

Mitchell Davis!

Carlie Butler
Day 2

Selfie session before day 2 begins!

Group shot!

another group shot before Charles Trippy's show!

At Charles' show -- just a great and honest guy.

Waiting to meet Charles; the volunteer taking photos for us wanted to make sure she knew how to use Carlin's camera!

Meeting Charles -- my 3rd or 4th time?
Most anticipated show of the weekend. For anyone wondering, they didn't show footage from the movie, but if it is in the movie, it'll be cut differently.

Corey and Shay talking about how long the process has been and how things keep happening, so they can't be done yet!

Apprentice A talking about interviewing people and fun times touring

Buffer Fest 2013 pictures

I went to the first annual Buffer last year; a lot of improvements were made, but I got some pictures with people that I didn't get a chance with last year, here's some of those pictures!

Monday, October 13, 2014

The Mortal Instruments TV Show?!

Most of you probably know by now: yesterday The Hollywood Reporter put out on article finally updating us Cassandra Clare fans on what is next for The Mortal Instruments. Here are some of my thoughts and information you may want to know.
Tasha Polis did a video on her booktube channel that you should definitely go watch. She's a co-runner of Page to Premier and is quite knowledgeable on how it may go down.
What we know for sure:
  • Ed Decter has been hired as the showrunner and main writer. You may know him as a writer for The Santa Clause movies, as well as The Lizzie McGuire Movie. He's also co-produced and written a few Boy Meets World episodes. His recent works include TV shows Unforgettable, Helix, and The Client List. Not sure how I feel about this, as I'm sure most of you are. I don't really want this to turn too Disney. 
  • Cassandra Clare has said a lot about it on her Twitter. Mind you, she doesn't know everything. She's the author of the novels, not a producer. However, she let us know that Constantin Films owns the rights to all things shadow-hunter. This means that every visible adaptation of her shadow-hunter novels will be in the hands of Constantin. They are not required in any way to consult her, but she did have somewhat of a voice for the City of Bones film, so as a fan I hope they will consult her again.
  • They plan on beginning production next year. In Tasha's video, she mentioned we probably won't start seeing any casting until after Christmas. Until then, we get to fan-cast away!
And that's all we know for now. But since there is a green light on a pilot being filmed, we don't have to wait too long for more news.

All the questions:
  • Will it be re-cast? No one has any idea! The people who do have this information haven't said anything about it yet. What I know, is that Lily and Jamie both signed contracts if the movies were to keep going, but I'm not sure that this applies to TV adaptions. We know that Lily Collins worked pretty hard to play Clary in the movies, so I wonder if she'll want to be apart of the TV show. Or if, like Tasha mentions in her video, she won't want to be part of it at all since the movie flopped.
    I loved the cast, but I'd be okay with a fresh one. (Although I really did think Robert Sheehan was the perfect cast for Simon.)
  • Where will the TV shows begin? We don't know this either! My guess is that if they keep the same cast, they'll skip to City of Ashes. But if they change it, they'll definitely start from scratch. My best guess is the latter. I'd love to see them start from scratch and build the world rather than thrusting us into it like the movie. 
  • What network will the show be on? Some say they want the CW to pick it up. Not that I don't mind the CW, but I hate the way The Vampire Diaries has progressed despite the great cast. As well, Julie Plec is a huge writer for the CW and i'm not a fan of her. I'm sorry if you like her, but I really don't.
    I'd actually love to see the BBC pick it up. I love a lot of BBC shows and know they're not too afraid to do anything. However, the BBC is pretty family friendly and I'm not sure that we would get everything we want.
    MTV and AMC are also networks I'd be okay with seeing TMI on. I want to see the gore of the demon killing and MTV and AMC are networks that will give us that. 
Something I think is really important is that the City of Bones cast and Cassandra Clare don't know anymore than we do. As fans, we get very excited about news like this and it can cloud our judgment. Some of the movie cast might even be upset that they won't be a part of the TV show and won't want to answer questions about it. So don't bombard them on Twitter and check what they have already answered before asking a question. 
Even Constantin Films and Martin Moszkowicz won't know everything and won't tell us anything informal. Most news will be released formally through sites such as The Hollywood Reporter. But you can follow Constantin and Martin on Twitter in case anything does come up. 
Other great sites to follow are Page to Premiere and TMI Source.

In the meantime, I plan on doing my own fancast and will either post it here on my blog, or on my booktube channel. (I'll also being doing a blogpost soon on The Darkest Minds movie!)

Let me know what you hope for the TV series in the comments! I'd love to hear from you!